Source of Oyster Contamination Found

The Public and Environmental Health Service says the source of the recent oyster contamination of lease 113 has been traced to a private sewage line nearby at Dunalley, south of Hobart.

Director of Public Health Dr Roscoe Taylor said the discovery of the contamination source had led to the temporary closure of another small harvest zone further out to sea as a precaution pending test results.

"The volume of sewage leaking from the pipe is very low, and the leaking underground pipe has been capped today while repairs are made by the owner," Dr Taylor said.

"Our earlier investigations confirmed oyster lease 113 near Dunalley as the source of the oysters causing all illness cases in Tasmania and interstate."

The batches of oysters causing the Norovirus gastro outbreak were harvested between March 24-29 and may have been sold up to and including Sunday March 31.

"It is unlikely any products harvested or sold on these dates remain in circulation, however, if people still have product in their fridge they should discard it," Dr Taylor said.

People who have experienced gastroenteritis associated with eating oysters produced by Barilla Bay can call the free Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

4 April 2013