Training tomorrow's health leaders here today

Young woman

The Department of Health and Human Services has unveiled an ambitious plan to become self-sufficient in the recruitment of senior managers by training future leaders today here in Tasmania.

DHHS Secretary Matthew Daly, who hails from New South Wales, said the Agency should not need to look further afield than Tasmania to recruit tomorrow's senior managers in the mid-term.

"I am committed to developing Tasmanian graduates into top-flight leaders in health and human services so we don't have to look interstate or overseas for senior managers beyond 2025," Mr Daly said.

"This year we have recruited four talented graduates and will invest significant time and energy in intensively training and mentoring them for the next two years.

"We are committed to recruit and train more graduates in subsequent years."

The new recruits will be mentored by senior DHHS managers who will spend at least an hour a day working with and guiding the graduates.

Mr Daly will personally mentor one graduate.

"Our graduate trainee program will provide structured learning that integrates management theory, research-based evidence and hands-on management skills development.

"Their learning then gets translated back into practice at work through the guidance of their mentor."

The program is also linked to a new two-year postgraduate course in Health Service Management at the University of Tasmania.

This course features residential master-classes run by senior state and federal health service executives, drawing on their years of experience in the health system.

In addition, these face-to-face learning opportunities will allow the graduates to network with their peers.

The graduates will have six-month rotations in the Office of the Secretary, Human Resources, North West Regional Hospital, Finance, and Disability, Housing and Community Services.

"At the end of the program our graduates will have had an in-depth engagement with management knowledge, a solid understanding of how our services are provided, and have developed critical and analytical thinking.

"These graduates will understand how managers influence organisational change and outcomes through their own actions and influencing the action of others.

"We hope they will go on to build a career in health and human service management, and become our leaders of tomorrow," Mr Daly said.


14 January 2013