Better Healthcare on Flinders Island

Flinders Island Multi-Purpose Centre opening

Residents in the Furneaux Islands will receive access to better healthcare with the opening of the redeveloped Flinders Island Multi-Purpose Centre.

The Centre now has five acute beds, in addition to another bed through the redevelopment, which will facilitate the provision of palliative care.

There is also a new two bed emergency room and adjacent treatment room, along with nine residential aged care bedrooms with ensuites - with an application made to the Federal Government for these facilities to be offered for Respite Care.

The Multi-Purpose Centre also features a range of other services including a GP clinic, community nursing, day centre activities, consulting rooms, X-ray room and dental clinic.

The redevelopment allows for additional services to be looked at. Some of those are already being offered including chemotherapy and blood transfusions.

It's not only patients that are set to benefit, with staff enjoying a new kitchen and laundry, and Ambulance Tasmania being welcomed into the building with a modern new office and storeroom.

A total of $7.3 million has been provided towards this work and the result is an excellent facility, which offers access to better care for the community.