DonateLife Week 2014

Tasmanians are being urged to discuss organ and tissue donation with their loved ones as part of DonateLife Week 2014 (23 February – 2 March).

Led by the Organ and Tissue Authority, 'Have the chat' events will take place in workplaces and communities across Tasmania, providing a dedicated time for Australians to learn and talk about organ and tissue donation.

A total of 115 Tasmanian donor families over the last 25 years have contributed to providing 418 organs for transplant to 388 recipients.

Strong progress has been made nationally after four years of implementing the national organ and tissue donation reform program in 2009. In 2013, 1,122 Australians received a second chance at life because of the generosity of 391 organ donors and their families.

Australia has achieved solid growth in donation rates, with 2013 representing a 58% increase over 2009 data, when the DonateLife Network was established. The number of transplant recipients has increased by 39% since 2009.

With 1,500 Australians on transplant waiting lists at any one time, hearing of stories of donor families and transplant recipients provides hope to those people awaiting transplants.

Discussing organ and tissue donation is a conversation that prepares the family so that they can confirm and support a person's donation decision at a time of intense grief and shock.

Families who have discussed and know the donation decisions of their loved one are much more likely to uphold that decision.

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