First Life Saved with Registered Defibrillator

Scott Dodge and rescue team
The life of a 23 year old Tasmanian man who went into cardiac arrest while exercising at his local gym has been saved with the help of a registered defibrillator. 

Ambulance Tasmania CEO Dominic Morgan said it was the first life saved using a defibrillator registered with the Australia-first Early Access to Defibrillation Program.

"We are all thrilled Mr Dodge has made a fantastic recovery and enjoying life to the full," said Mr Morgan.

When Scott Dodge collapsed at Zap Fitness, four community members came to his aid and dialled triple zero.

The Ambulance Tasmania call-taker identified an AED was available at the gym as it was registered with Ambulance Tasmania's Early Access to Defibrillation Program.

Following the instructions of the call-taker and listening to the voice prompts from the AED, rescuers shocked Mr Dodge twice and commenced CPR before paramedics arrived and continued care.

"Shocking the heart in those first few minutes of a cardiac arrest is the key to survival," said Mr Morgan.

"Having a registered AED available when this young man collapsed was a critical component of the whole system that worked seamlessly to save his life."

Mr Morgan said the number of AEDs being registered with the program had been steadily increasing since the program's launch in July this year.

"This week we reached a significant milestone with 300 AEDs now registered and available for use in the case of an emergency," he said.

"The more AEDs that are registered with Ambulance Tasmania the greater chance we have of reaching patients in those first few critical minutes."

"I encourage the Tasmanian community and businesses to get behind this life saving initiative and register their AEDs with Ambulance Tasmania."

For more information on the Early Access to Defibrillation Program or to register an AED call 1300 979 057 or download a form from: