Health Council of Tasmania Announced

The Health Council of Tasmania, which will provide expertise and advice to Government, has been announced. The Health Council of Tasmania is an important part of the One State, One Health System, Better Outcomes reforms announced earlier this year.

Professor Denise Fassett has accepted the position of Chair of the Health Council of Tasmania.

Professor Fassett, the Dean of the Faculty of Health at the University of Tasmania, is a respected academic with a clinical and health regulatory background and is a current member of the Governing Council of Tasmanian Health Organisation – North.

All members of the Council have been appointed based on their skills and experience. The Council members are committed and experienced stakeholders who will provide insight and guidance to Government, including establishing the strategic priorities for health in Tasmania over the coming years.

The Council will also work closely with Clinical Advisory Groups across a number of professional clinical areas, including in consultation on the Green Paper and development of the White Paper which will chart the way forward.

The four key initiatives in the Reform Plan for the health system are the establishment of the Health Council, the development of the White Paper, a comprehensive review of the Department of Health and Human Services, and merging the current three Tasmanian Health Organisations into a single statewide Tasmanian Health Service, commencing 1 July 2015.

Health Council of Tasmania

  •                 Denise Fassett, Dean, Faculty of Health, University of Tasmania
  •                 Michael Pervan, Acting Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services
  •                 Graeme Houghton, Chair, Tasmanian Health Organisations
  •                 Judith Watson, Chair, Tasmanian Medicare Local
  •                 Anthony Lawler, clinician, representing the Minister for Health
  •                 Timothy Greenaway, Australian Medical Association (Tasmanian Branch)
  •                 Emily Shepherd, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Tasmanian Branch)
  •                 Leigh Gorringe, Health and Community Services union
  •                 Richard Bury, community representative 
  •                 Nicole Grose, consumer representative
  •                 David Knowles, General Practitioner
  •                 Giuliana Murfet, nurse practitioner, Tasmanian Health Organisation – North West 
  •                 Tom Simpson, Executive Director Statewide Hospital Pharmacy, Tasmanian Health Organisations