New In-Vehicle Information System for Ambulances

Ambulance Tasmania IVIS

A new Ambulance Tasmania system will provide paramedics with the right information at the right place and time.

The In-Vehicle Information System (IVIS) is a computerised system available to ambulance crews to improve the way information is received from Ambulance Tasmania's Computer Aided (CAD) System.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ambulance Tasmania, Dominic Morgan, said the new system would also ensure patients are taken to the most appropriate destination.

"On receiving a call for an ambulance the CAD system can automatically alert the crew via pager and upload patient details into the on-board or portable computer that is used for entering patient care details.

"It will also provide specific detail about the scene from its internal database.

"Every time a crew goes on a case, they will have the benefit of Integrated Satellite Navigation which has been automatically populated from CAD.

"This means that crews will have all details relevant to the case as they get into the vehicle, as well as immediate electronic route guidance to incident location."

Mr Morgan said Ambulance Tasmania's State Communications Centre would be able to track vehicle location in real time to within 50 metres – an extremely useful function if backup is required.

"The IVIS will also allow the development of a hospital allocation matrix which is a feature that works directly with hospital systems. 

"It will allow hospitals to see, in real time, when patients are being transported to them. 
"This will enhance the integration with Emergency Departments and other allied health care professionals through improved real time information sharing and will assist with patient flow to the receiving hospital," Mr Morgan said.

The IVIS will improve internal practices and assist Ambulance Tasmania to better manage resources, reduce response times and improve patient outcomes through the use of patient's medical history. 

The system also provides an additional duress alarm over the 3G/4G network for paramedics. 

The program is partly funded through a $1.3 million one off grant from the Australian Government as part of the Tasmanian Patient Transport Initiative, with the remainder funded by Ambulance Tasmania.