Review of Drug Use in North West Tasmania

DHHS staff

The Statewide Alcohol and Drug Service has undertaken a review of drug use and service responses in North West Tasmania.

A report has found alcohol and cannabis are the drugs of most widespread concern.

The report has reviewed data about drug use and compiled feedback from the community.

The report finds that while methamphetamine use appears to be increasing across Tasmania, there is no evidence of an ice 'epidemic' in the North West.

The report makes a number of recommendations including;

  • enhanced service treatment responses by improving access and capacity, including to rehabilitation beds, particular for residents of the North West
  • strengthen the capacity of the community to identify and respond to drug use issues
  • improve service collaboration
  • strengthen governance arrangements; and
  • improve mechanisms that impact on the supply of, and demand for, illicit drugs.

A number of recommendations can be achieved using existing resources while others, including more rehabilitation beds, have funding implications.

Download the Review of Drug Use and Service Responses in North West Tasmania report

27 November 2014