Vital work recognised ahead of Neighbourhood House Week

Neighbourhood and Community Houses are the lifeblood of many Tasmanian communities.

Every day hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to bring thousands of locals together to support each other and solve local issues.

The Neighbourhood House Week Awards Ceremony was their day to step out of the shadows and savour the well-deserved recognition for their commitment and dedication.

While there were six winners across categories that acknowledged everything from building a better suburb, improving health and wellbeing and developing literacy and skills, the whole sector should feel proud.

This recognition of Tasmania's 34 Neighbourhood and Community Houses will continue across Neighbourhood House Week, which runs from May 12 to 18.

Neighbourhood Houses are an essential part of the Government's Community Development program, providing crucial support to some of the most disadvantaged communities.

Houses help these residents to become part of the solution to these issues which in-turn increases opportunities for self-sufficiency and social inclusion.

Their achievements confirm the success of investing in community service programs such as Neighbourhood Houses, which help to build and support stronger Tasmanian communities.

9 May, 2014