Child Safety Service

On 3 October the Child Protection Service was officially renamed the Child Safety Service.

This change is occurring as part of the Strong Families – Safe Kids reform of the child protection system in Tasmania.

At the heart of this reform is the recognition that to deliver better outcomes for children and their families we need to shift the focus from a singular child protection response towards an approach that acknowledges that the safety of children is only one component of the wellbeing of children.

Renaming child protection services to the Child Safety Service is an important change, providing a signpost for further reform, as we work to deliver a child safety and wellbeing system that ensures the wellbeing of children and the resilience of families.

The re-naming of the Child Protection Service to the Child Safety Service reinforces the role of DHHS in responding to concerns about the safety and wellbeing of children; and emphasises that we must collaborate with others to build positive futures for children.

The re-name will not affect phone numbers; emails or any other contact details, which will all remain the same as they are at present.