DHHS helps with Queensland recovery

Four Department of Health and Human Services staff flew out of the state recently to help with the Queensland cyclone and flood recovery.

The Tasmanian Government has an agreement with the Queensland Government to provide more personnel, this time to help people, families and communities with their immediate and mid-term post cyclone and flood recovery needs.

Eighteen Tasmanians were deployed today to Mackay and then onto Proserpine and Bowen to provide emotional support, material aid and to help with grant applications.

The first rotation will be for two weeks with scope for further rotations if needed.

This deployment is in addition to a Taskforce of three Tasmania Fire Service personnel, one from the State Emergency Service and one from Parks and Wildlife, all of whom brought incident management expertise in logistics, planning and operations support.

Another team of 10 will leave Tasmania this Saturday to help with the recovery effort.

Five of those are from DHHS: Karen Keogh, Tracey Williams, Patrick Ryan, Karen Challis and Lisa Neubauer.