Better Outcomes

What will change

Clinician and childTasmania's health services will be rebuilt to deliver improved outcomes for patients. 

The case for change

Now is the right time to make meaningful and long-lasting change:

  • there's a need to refocus the system on patients and consumers,
  • the National Reform Agenda has not been implemented as originally planned,
  • the current State and Federal budget environment calls for new solutions,
  • there have been repeated failures to deliver on previous reform attempts,
  • recent governance and management failures, and
  • it's clear that Tasmanians deserve a better health system and we know we can deliver that.

What this means for patients

  • Safer and high quality care in the right setting and location.
  • Patients' interests will be central to every decision about health service delivery.
  • Better planned services, taking into account the health needs of the entire population.
  • A more accountable and transparent health system where the standard of leadership and governance matches the community's expectations.
  • More engagement and say in health services.
  • A clearer understanding of where the health dollar is spent and what outcomes it delivers.
  • More input from clinical experts into the future direction and priorities for funding for the health system.

One state, one health system

  • The health system will be rebuilt based on the community's needs.
  • Three Tasmanian Health Organisations will become one Tasmanian Health Service.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services will be reviewed to reduce duplication and better align its services.
  • Better collaboration and cooperation between health services.
  • Consistent clinical practice will be a key priority.

Accountability, leadership and culture

  • Clearer accountability at all levels of the health service.
  • Improved culture empowering employees to speak up if they see problems.
  • Managers within the health system will be more strongly held to account for performance.

Keeping Tasmanians well and out of hospital

  • A statewide elective surgery waiting list to give patients choice about where and when they can get their surgery.
  • Improved collaboration with primary health providers to reduce wait times for outpatient clinics and deliver more complex care in the community.

Planning for tomorrow's health system

  • A new Health Council of Tasmania to provide high level clinical, consumer and community advice and more robust Clinical Advisory Groups to determine what services should be delivered where, safely, and to provide strategic guidance to the Minister.

Safe and sustainable services

  • Initial community feedback contributed to a Green Paper that was released for public consultation at the end of 2014.
  • A White Paper exposure draft was released on 30 March 2015 to set the Government's agenda for a sustainable mix and profile of clinical programs throughout the State. 
  • During the months on April to June 2015 the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will lead a further round of consultation with key stakeholders on the proposed changes.
  • The final White Paper will be released in July 2015.