Clinical Advisory Groups

Clinical Advisory Groups

The establishment of Clinical Advisory Groups (CAGs) is an important component of the Government's One Health System reform agenda.

The CAGs have a significant role to provide clinical advice regarding future service planning, administration and delivery to improve patient care and outcomes, and facilitate discipline-specific and cross discipline clinical engagement to improve collaboration and consultation across Tasmania.

Currently there are over 260 medical, nursing and allied health representatives and key stakeholders including but not limited to, GPs, private clinicians, Primary Health Tasmania and UTAS representatives, interstate experts and non-government organisations working across 19 different CAGs.

The work of the CAGs is guided by the principles of:

  • Whole-of-system perspective – to ensure health services in Tasmania are linked across primary, secondary and tertiary sectors to enable patients to receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place, by the right person.
  • Engagement – providing a mechanism for consultation to link clinicians and obtain clinical advice in the ongoing improvement of patient care, their experience and health outcomes; and
  • Collaboration and teamwork – to work collaboratively within teams, across regions, disciplines and sectors to achieve shared goals.
  • Health promotion – creating environments that help people to be better informed, and to make better choices and take responsibility for their own health.

If you would like more information on the work of the CAGs please email:

CAG Convenor
Allergy and Immunology Dr Malcolm Turner
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Dr Fiona Wagg
Cancer A/Prof Rosemary Harrup
Cardiology Dr Paul MacIntyre
Emergency Medicine Dr Marielle Ruigrok
Endocrinology Dr John Burgess
Intensive Care Dr Andrew Turner
Musculoskeletal Dr Hilton Francis
Neurology and Stroke Dr Michael Dreyer
Ophthalmology Dr Kristin Bell
Renal ServicesDr Geoff Kirkland
Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Dr Nick Harkness
Sub-acute Care ServicesProf Michael Ashby
Tasmanian State-wide Surgical Services Committee Mr Brian Kirkby
Trauma Dr Sandy Zalstein
Women's, Adolescent's and Children's Services Dr Tony De Paoli