Health Workforce 2040 – Tasmania’s Workforce Strategy

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Health Workforce 2040 – Tasmania’s Workforce Strategy

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Immediate Action: Release Health Workforce 2040 for consultation

Linked Initiative: Statewide Clinical Senate, Future Health Leaders Forum

What is Health Workforce 2040?

Health Workforce 2040 is a draft 20-year health workforce strategy for Tasmania.

It looks at both the public and private health sectors. Health Workforce 2040 aims to:

  • shape a health workforce that meets the needs of Tasmanians now and into the future
  • look after those that spend their careers looking after others
  • provide opportunity to support our health professionals to follow their career ambitions.

What are the key findings?

Our health workforce is comparable in size per capita to other states and territories; however, ongoing challenges exist in ensuring regional and rural areas have a sustainable workforce and in recruiting and retaining health professionals in some professions and areas of practice.

Several professions were identified as the highest priority for planning based on a range of indicators including the current availability of the workforce, the age profile of the workforce, whether the workforce was small in number and vulnerable to small changes and Tasmania’s dependence on recruiting specialists from overseas.

To ensure a sustainable health workforce, we need to progress innovative and effective workforce models.

To provide a health workforce that can meet the existing and emerging needs of Tasmanians an ongoing focus on supporting generalist careers is needed.

Education and training are important in addressing geographic distribution and over and under supply of professional or specialty areas of practice.

Aboriginal employment in the Tasmanian health workforce is too low.

The culture in healthcare organisations needs improving to support the wellbeing of health professionals.

Actions have been proposed under six focus areas to address these findings:

  1. Shaping the health workforce.
  2. Education and training.
  3. Fostering innovation.
  4. Enhancing culture and wellbeing.
  5. Recruitment and effective working arrangements.
  6. Planning.

Actions within these focus areas aim to help local leadership, promote innovation and workforce agility, and build partnerships across government, health services, the education sector and professional bodies.

How can I access Health Workforce 2040?

Health Workforce 2040 is available on the Tasmanian Department of Health website  - Our Healthcare Future. The report is delivered in four documents: the strategy and a volume each for allied health, nursing and midwifery, and medicine.

How can I provide feedback and what do you want to know?

Please provide your feedback to by 12 February 2021.

Your feedback is welcome on all volumes or in your area of expertise or experience.

What will happen next?

To develop this draft strategy, we collected a lot of data and met with many health professional and education groups across the state. The next steps are to:

  • seek your feedback 12 February 2021
  • undertake health professional forums and consultations across the State
  • analyse and incorporate feedback
  • release the final Health Workforce 2040.

For more information email and check for updates.

November 2020