Amendment of a Licence

A licence can be amended by the Secretary if it is considered that the licence requires amendment, or if the licensee applies in writing to the Secretary, requesting that the licence be amended (providing full details of the amendment/s requested).

The Secretary can amend licences by:

  • adding or deleting classes of establishment;
  • increasing or decreasing the maximum number of overnight patients for private hospitals (or the number of licensed rooms for a day procedure centre);
  • by attaching further conditions; or
  • by amending or revoking any condition (except the requirement to be insured under 16(2) of the HSE Act).

The Secretary's decision to amend a licence will be based on clinical considerations, and a number of clinical guidelines relating to speciality service planning (a list of relevant guidelines is provided in s22(3) of the HSE Act). The Secretary will seek advice from the Health Service Establishments Advisory Committee in considering whether to amend a licence.


Health Service Establishments Act 2006, s22