Transfer of Licence

Contact the Regulation Unit at if you would like to transfer your licence to another licensee. Note that a transfer of your licence cannot legitimately be made without the approval of the Secretary prior to any transfer.


To apply to transfer an existing licence to another person/operator:

  1. Make your application using the appropriate form (Form 2).
  2. Provide all information requested in relation to the application.
  3. Pay the appropriate transfer fee when invoiced (see Licensing Fees for details of the current fee values).

Failure to comply with the above will result in delays in your application.

Completed forms are to be submitted by post to:

The Secretary, Department of Health
C/O Regulation Unit
GPO Box 125

Applicants will be invoiced for a licence transfer fee on receipt of their application. The application will not be processed until full payment of the application fee has been received.

Before determining an application to transfer a licence, the Secretary must publicly advertise the application, and must take into consideration the representations made in respect of the application (within the time frame specified in advertisement).

How long does the process take?

From the date of receipt of the application for transfer (Form 2) the process will take up to six weeks, provided there are no complications and/or no further information is required.

You can assist the Secretary in making a timely decision by ensuring you have provided all necessary information, and make prompt payment of the application fee. Failure to do so will result in delays in the processing of your application.

Approval or Refusal of Transfer

If the Secretary approves the transfer application, this approval may be indicated by either providing an appropriate endorsement on the licence, or by cancelling the existing licence, and issuing a substitute licence to the transferee.

The Secretary may refuse an application for transfer if, in the Secretary's opinion, a proposed licensee is not a fit and proper person to be a licensee. If you are unhappy with the decision made by the Secretary, you may appeal to the Magistrates Court (Administrative Appeals Division), in accordance with the Magistrates Court (Administrative Appeals Division) Act 2001.

Death of a Licensee

In the event of the death of a licensee, notify the Regulation Unit as soon as is practicable.

If the licensee of an establishment dies, and he/she was the only licensee of that establishment, then the executor of the will or administrator of the estate is taken to be the licensee. This arrangement may continue no longer than a period of 2 months, however, without written approval of the Secretary.

Contact for further assistance.


Health Service Establishments Act 2006, s19

Magistrates Court (Administrative Appeals Division) Act 2001