Under s46 of the HSE Act, the Secretary can authorise entry and inspection of any licensed establishment, or any premises which are the subject of an application for a licence, at any time.

The Health Services Regulation Management Guide further outlines the steps taken in response to issues that warrant action by the Secretary.

Inspection Process

An inspection may occur in the event that a relevant issue has been identified which may need the Department's involvement to ensure remedial action is taken. This notification may come from any concerned party, such as a member of the public, an accrediting agency, or staff member of the facility.

You will be notified of an intention to inspect prior to the inspection. Whilst we aim to make a mutually agreeable time for inspections, the date and time will ultimately be determined by the Secretary. The Secretary will provide a Certificate of Authority to inspectors, which can be shown to the person in charge of the facility at the time of the inspection upon request.

In addition to a general inspection of the facility, an inspector appointed by the Secretary may inspect and take copies or extracts from any prescribed records; or may remove any prescribed records to enable those records to be inspected and copies taken (unless those records are required for the treatment of a current patient). It is an offence to wilfully hinder, obstruct or delay any person in the performance of any function under the HSE Act (see Offences and Fines under the Act).


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Health Service Establishments Regulations 2011