Assessment Process

How is a licence application assessed?

On receipt of an application for a licence, the application will be reviewed to ensure all items listed in the checklist are included. Failure to include all items will delay the application process.

If your application is incomplete it will be returned to you. Details of who to contact for further information will be provided in the covering letter on return of your application.

If your application is complete a letter will be sent to you, acknowledging receipt and advising of the commencement of relevant checks (including a criminal record check and check with relevant registration bodies).

The application will be forwarded to the Secretary for consideration, and a notification of the application will be advertised by way of public notice, seeking representations in respect of the licence application.  Representations made in response to a public notice are taken into account in determining whether a licence will be issued.

The Secretary will also seek advice from the Health Services Establishment Advisory Committee (see The Health Services Establishment Advisory Committee (HSEAC)), which will provide advice taking into account:

  1. Any relevant hospital services planning guidelines;
  2. The critical mass of patients required to comply with clinical practice recognised throughout Australia, and with any guidelines as to the provision of services;
  3. Any similar matter that the Advisory Committee considers to be supported by expert opinion;
  4. The current availability of services in the local area; and
  5. The suitability of the applicant to provide such services.

Please note that the Secretary may request additional information at any stage of the application assessment process.

Approval/Refusal of an Application for a Licence to Operate

Following consideration of all available information, a letter will be sent to the proposed licensee, advising whether the Secretary has issued a 'licence in principle' (for a building requiring construction), a temporary licence (for an existing building), or refused the application for licence.

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How long does the process take?

From the date of receipt of the application (Form 1), the process will take up to six weeks, provided there are no complications and/or no further information is required.

You can assist the Secretary in making a timely decision by ensuring you have provided all necessary information, and make prompt payment of the application fee. Failure to do so will result in delays in the processing of your application.