How to Apply

You can apply for a licence by contacting the DHHS Health Service Establishments Licensing Program at to request that a licence application kit be posted to you, or by downloading a pdf version of the application kit from the Forms section of this website. Applicants will be invoiced for a licence application fee on receipt of the application (see 6. Licensing Fees for details of the current fee values). Please note that the application will not be processed until full payment of the application fee has been received.

Completed forms are to be submitted by post to:

The Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services
C/O Regulation Unit
Strategic Control, Workforce and Regulation
GPO Box 125 Hobart TAS 7001

The steps for obtaining a licence are outlined below:

Licensing steps diagram

* Note: the Licence is subject to ongoing compliance and payment of the annual renewal fee by
31 December each calendar year. Please refer to: Existing Licences – Compliance; Existing Licences – Annual Renewal Process and Existing Licences – Change of circumstances for further information on renewals and/or making changes to your licence.