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What is a 'Health Service Establishment'?

A Health Service Establishment (HSE) is a private health facility in Tasmania that is licenced under the Health Service Establishments Act 2006 (the HSE Act).

Private health facilities are facilities that provide health services to the public for a fee, and are not conducted by or on behalf of the State (i.e. are not State funded).

Under the HSE Act, these establishments may be private hospitals, day procedure centres and residential aged care services, or any other private facility that the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services requires to be licensed, in the interests of public safety and service quality.

The HSE Act currently applies to 14 private facilities in Tasmania: six Private Hospitals, and eight Day Procedure Centres. No residential aged care facilities in Tasmania currently require licensing under the HSE Act.

What regulations and standards apply to licensed establishments?

Licensed HSEs in Tasmania are required to comply with the Health Service Establishments Act 2006, the Health Service Establishments Regulations 2011, and a number of safety standards and clinical guidelines.

The DHHS Regulation Unit works in conjunction with the DHHS Service Quality and Improvement Unit, DHHS Public and Environmental Health Services, and the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to ensure that services provided by licensed private facilities are meeting the needs of Tasmanians in accordance with accepted standards of safety and practice.

The current HSE Act and HSE Regulations are available at For further information in relation to national safety and quality standards, please refer to

How do I know if a health establishment is licenced?

Under the HSE Act, every licenced private health facility is required to display a copy of their licence in a prominent place in their entrance foyer. Display of this licence confirms their licensed status to the public.

A list of private facilities currently licensed with the Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania, is also available on this website (see: List of licensed private Health Service Establishments in Tasmania).

If you are unsure whether the private facility providing you with health services is licensed, please contact the facility directly to request details. If you are not satisfied with their response, you can contact the DHHS Regulation Unit at: for further information.

Notifications and Complaints against licensed HSEs

If you have a complaint about an experience you have had at a private health facility, first discuss your concerns with the appropriate contact person at that facility. If you require further assistance resolving your complaint, the Health Complaints Commissioner Tasmania may be able to assist you.

The Health Complaints Commissioner Tasmania can be contacted on 1800 001 170, or via their

The Commissioner's role is:

  1. To promote and protect the rights of consumers who use health services.
  2. To help resolve problems between consumers and providers of health services.  
  3. To improve the safety and quality of health services in Tasmania.

The Commissioner investigates complaints from individuals and organisations about the provision of health services in both the public and private sectors.

If you think your complaint involves something that may constitute a breach of the facility's licensing conditions – or you are aware that the facility is unlicensed, but consider that it should be licensed in the interests of public safety and service quality – you can make a notification to the DHHS Regulation Unit via email at:

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