Health Improvement

Health Improvement

We work to prevent or reduce the common risks that lead to long-term (chronic) conditions.

We provide services that help groups with special needs or those at risk of poor health outcomes and we support programs and activities that promote better health and wellbeing.

The Health Improvement Service has two teams:

  • Chronic Conditions Prevention
  • Healthy Communities

Chronic Conditions Prevention

The Chronic Conditions Prevention team provides evidence-based advice, training and resources about community nutrition, physical activity, health promotion and health literacy.

The team works in partnership with many services and community organisations to improve access to healthy food, infant and child nutrition and physical activity, breastfeeding promotion, older people’s nutrition and active living strategies.

The team implements the Working in Health Promoting Ways guide and provides health literacy, tobacco, and nutrition and physical activity policies.

Healthy Communities

The Healthy Communities team develops strong productive partnerships with the Tasmanian community, including our schools.

They work to develop and promote healthy school and early childhood policy so Tasmanian children get off to the right start in life.

An example of this is the highly successful Move Well Eat Well programs in primary schools and early childhood centres.

The team also develops and provides Aboriginal health policy and cultural competency training. They also work with other vulnerable (at risk) populations like youth and address gender and sexuality issues.

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September 2019