Wildlife survey

Wildlife survey

To report a sick, wild animal, call the Animal Disease Emergency Hotline on 1800 675 888.


Wildlife survey - November 2011

Wildlife experts conducted a survey in November 2011, collecting samples within five-kilometre radii of where two people were bitten by possums.

No visible signs of illness in wild or dead animals were found during the survey.

More than 40 samples were sent to a specialist laboratory interstate for analysis. Results to date have been negative.

Further results are pending, and more samples are being collected through other avenues as part of ongoing statewide surveillance for animal diseases.


What samples were collected?

Samples included wildlife carcasses, faeces and nesting material.


What do the survey results mean?

Negative results do not mean that Tularaemia does not exist in Tasmania. Overseas experiences tell us that Tularaemia is rare. It only ever occurs in a small proportion of any animal population. It also behaves unpredictably, appearing sporadically.

Although unconfirmed, possums appear to be the most likely source of infection for the two similar cases to date. From overseas experience, we know that ticks may also carry the infection.


Last updated: 3 February 2012