Rosebery environmental investigation

Rosebery environmental investigation

Public Health Services actively supported three lines of work around concerns about heavy metals in the Rosebery environment:

  1. A cluster investigation to find out whether the clinical conditions reported in a small group of residents and ex-residents have a common cause, ie heavy metal poisoning.
    Executive summary of the final report from the original investigation April 2009
    Prof Brian Priestly's report from March 2009
    Media Release 15 April 2010
    Request to Independent Toxicologists January 2010
    Summary of reports from independent toxicologists 2010 

    Dr Daly - Summary of final report
    Dr Braithberg - Summary of final report    
  2. Public health advice and support to a community environmental sampling program initiated in Rosebery by the company MMG.
    Fact Sheet from MMG on testing program (search for sampling)
    Link to NEPC and NEPMs
    MMG media release
    DHHS media release July 2010 
    Presentation by Dr Pickin at Community Meeting - July 2010
  3. Community liaison and information sharing to help ensure residents of Rosebery have access to all available information and can discuss concerns and ask questions about their health and wellbeing.

A Community Reference Group has been meeting to coordinate activity and share information. This group is supported by the West Coast Council. Further information from the group can be found at

Fact Sheet: Blood Lead information from Rosebery 
Fact Sheet: Arsenic
Fact Sheet: Lead
Fact Sheet: Zinc
Fact Sheet: Cadmium

Hard copies are also available at the Rosebery Community Health Centre

Blood Lead Study 1997 - Menzies Research Institute

Pet Fact Sheet