Wild shellfish warning signs around Tasmania

Wild shellfish warning signs around Tasmania

More than 70 permanent wild shellfish warning signs are now displayed at popular boat ramps and public jetties along Tasmania’s North East, East and South East coastline.

The signs warn of the ongoing risk of illness from eating wild shellfish.

Blue warning signs are permanently on display and red signs are displayed when harmful algal blooms are present in the water.

The blue Public Health Warning sign explains wild shellfish can cause illness when collected from:

  • where boats discharge
  • from marinas
  • near sewage, industrial or stormwater outfalls
  • near septic tanks
  • in places affected by heavy rainfall.

The blue sign notes seafood in shops and restaurants is safe to eat.

The red Danger Do Not Eat Wild Shellfish sign, displayed above the blue sign, warns:

  • eating wild shellfish during harmful algal blooms can cause shellfish poisoning
  • cooking and freezing does not make shellfish safe to eat
  • advises anyone experiencing poisoning symptoms to seek urgent medical help.

Both signs enable easy access to up-to date information at www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/shellfish through a QR code.

Note: wild shellfish can also cause illness when collected from places with no warning signs.