School based immunisation program

School based immunisation program

At the beginning of the year all students will receive consent forms and an information booklet.

What do parents need to do to make sure their child can get vaccinated?

  1. Read the information sheet provided with the consent forms about diseases, risks and benefits of vaccination that students bring home from school.
  2. Complete the consent forms.
  3. Sign the consent forms, even if your child is not being vaccinated.
  4. Return the consent forms to the school by the due date, even if your child is not being vaccinated.
  5. If you need help to fill in the forms contact your local library.
  6. If you need more information contact the local council in your school's area.

If your child misses a vaccination at school a letter will be sent from the council in your school's area informing you how to get the missed vaccination for your child.

We encourage the use of school vaccination programs as they are free and accessible. The immunisations are also available through your family GP, however, some GPs may also charge a consultation fee when administering immunisations.

Some councils run catch up vaccination sessions where adolescents can get any vaccinations that have been missed at school.

Some councils run regular vaccination sessions during the day (including school holidays) and if you cannot attend one of the catch up sessions above you may be able to attend one of these or you can see your family doctor.

How do I know if my child has already been vaccinated?

It is important to keep a record of your child's vaccinations. Your child will receive an immunisation record after each vaccination at school which you can keep in your child's personal health record (baby book).

If you are unsure of which vaccinations your child has had, you can contact the Australian Immunisation Register for an immunisation record.

January 2021