Weekly flu update

Weekly flu update

Number of laboratory-confirmed flu notifications for week ending: 6 October 2019

Week endingNotifications
Sunday 6 October44
Sunday 29 September59
Sunday 22 September76
Sunday 15 September88

2019 YTD Total at Sunday 6 October 2019:
2 884 [2 559 influenza A and 325 influenza B]

Figure 1 is a line graph with a horizontal axis indicating the 52 weeks of the year. The vertical axis indicates the number of laboratory confirmed flu cases notified in Tasmania for each week of the year.  Lines for each of the four years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 each indicate low baseline flu activity between January and May as well as between November to December. The line for each year indicates the peak of the flu season usually occurs between July and October. Between 2015 to 2018, 2017 indicates the year of highest flu activity in Tasmania with a weekly peak above 450 flu cases occurring during August and September 2017. The line for 2018 indicates a year of very low flu activity with a peak of approximately 25 flu cases during early October 2018.  The line indicating flu cases in Tasmania during 2019 ends at week 40: the first week of October. This line indicates that weekly flu cases were well above baseline levels between the middle of February and the middle of July. Activity was high early in the year with a high of 109 cases mid-April; activity decreased and then increased steadily from 1 June to mid-July before decreasing again until the start of August. Since then weekly flu cases peaked again with a high of 180 cases during the middle of August, then generally decreased to a low of 44 cases notified during week 40.

Figure 1: Flu notifications 2019 year to date and notifications 2015-18.