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Food Pouches

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Food pouch package and contents

What are squeezable food pouches

  • Store-bought pureed or soft food in a tube or sachet.
  • Homemade food served in a re-usable plastic pouch with re-sealable lids.

Food pouches can be:

  • easy to use when busy or travelling
  • a low mess way of feeding babies and children.

Use food pouches only sometimes or not at all.

Learning about food

Touching, chewing and eating food is important for young children for mouth development. Chewing food helps make the jaw muscles strong for talking and eating. Only babies around six months old need soft and smooth textured foods.

Your baby will move from soft pureed food to minced and mashed food and cut up food between the ages of six and 12 months old. Exploring food by touching, smelling and chewing food helps your baby learn about the tastes and textures of different foods. The 'messy' stage of eating is important for your child's development. Children learn how to self-feed using fingers and utensils like spoons.

Healthy eating

Family mealtime is when children learn about food and eating.

Many store-bought food pouches are fruit based. Some food pouches contain fruit juice not whole fruit puree. Eating fruit is a better choice. Many store-bought savoury meal pouches contain only small amounts of meat or vegetables with added fruit puree or juice.

Meat and vegetables are important foods to help keep your baby healthy and strong. Offer babies a variety of foods with different textures. Choose from the five food groups, grain (cereal) foods, vegetables, fruit, meat and meat alternatives and dairy.

Store-bought food pouches can be an expensive way to feed your baby.

Want to know more

Ask your GP or child health nurse.

Start Them Right a parent's guide to eating for under 5s