Health data

Health data

Epidemiology (study of diseases in populations) looks at the distribution and determinants of health and diseases, morbidity, injuries, disability and mortality in populations.

Its goal is to identify the underlying causes of a disease and then apply findings to disease prevention and health promotion.

Public Health Services:

  • monitors and reports on the health status of the Tasmanian population
  • conducts Chronic Disease surveillance
  • provides expert advice and consultancy on epidemiological, statistical, and survey sampling issues
  • creates easy access to user-friendly and timely health data
  • collaborates with key stakeholders such as the Menzies Centre, University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Medicare Local, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other national bodies.

Epidemiological Publications

State of Public Health Report

The State of Public Health Reports and Health Indicators Tasmania provide detailed statistical information about the health status and determinants of health in our population.

Epidemiological Reports

Visit Epidemiological reports for information and statistics about the determinants of health in our population.

Tasmanian Population Health Surveys

2019 Tasmanian Population Health Survey

2016 Tasmanian Population Health Survey

2013 Tasmanian Population Health Survey Report

2009 Tasmanian Population Health Survey Report


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