Staff communication training - workplace assessment tool

Communication and Health Literacy

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The structure of this assessment tool is influenced by D DeWalt et al., Assessment Tools, Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville MD, 2014, viewed 21 July 2014,


Select one answer that most accurately describes your Service:

  • Doing well:  Our service is doing this well
  • Could be better:  Our service is doing this, but could do it better
  • Not doing:  Our service is not doing this
  • Not sure or N/A:  I don't know the answer, or it is not applicable to our service
No.QuestionDoing wellCould be betterNot doingNot sure / N/A
1.The service provides an orientation program for all staff and volunteers likely to interact with consumers.    
2.Orientation includes familiarisation with the layout of the facility, the range of services provided and symbols used in signage and other written communication    


Orientation includes information about
literacy, ways to refer consumers to
literacy support services, health literacy,
effective communication and the resources
available through the DoH Communication
and Health Literacy Workplace Toolkit



Staff are trained in the use of translation
and interpreting services.



The service provides yearly on-site training
or workshops about communication and
health literacy for staff and volunteers.



The service has resources about
communication and health literacy
available to all staff and volunteers.



The service offers Continuing Medical
Education (CME) credit courses on
communication and health literacy.


January 2019