Word and phrase swap

Communication and Health Literacy
A number of Several, many, some
Adequate Enough
Additional More, extra
Alleviate Ease, reduce
Approximately About
Are required to Must
At this moment in time Now
Attributable to Due to, because
Attain Reach
Beneficial Helpful, useful
By means of By
Cease Stop
Comply with Keep to, meet
Concerning About, on
Consequently So, because of
Considerable Great, important
Currently Now (or delete)
Deficiency Lack of
Detrimental Harmful, damaging
Endeavour to Try to, aim to
Ensure Make sure
Excessive Too much
Facilitate Help
Following After
Frequently Often
Give consideration to Consider, think about
Immediately At once
Impacts on Affects
In a number of cases Some, often
In addition (to) And, also, as well as
In case of If
Intend to Will
In the near future Soon
In the majority of cases Most of the time
Irrespective of Despite, even it
Jeopardise Risk, threaten
Key Main
Locality Area
(It is) mandatory You must
Modify Change
Negligible Very small, tiny
Notify Tell, let us/you know
Notwithstanding Even if, despite
Numerous Many
On request If you Ask
Objective Aim, goal
On behalf of For
On request If you ask
On the grounds that Because
Optimum Best, ideal
Option Choice
Otherwise Or
Partially Partly
Per annum A year
Practically Almost, nearly
Predominant Main
Principal Main
Progressive Get worse / better
Proximity Closeness
Provided that If, as long as
Reimburse Repay, pay back
Reiterate Repeat, restate
Relating to About
Remainder The rest, what is left
Request Ask
Require Need, want
Reside Live
Retain Keep
Revised New, changed
Similarly In the same way
Statutory Legal, by law
Subject to Depending on
Subsequently Later, after
Substantial Large, great, a lot of
Sufficient Enough
Sustainable Able to be kept up
Terminate Stop, end
That being the case If so
To date So far, up to now
Transfer Move
Utilise Use
Virtually Almost
We have pleasure in We are glad to
With effect from From
Without delay Quickly (or say when)
You are requested Please
Zone Area, region
We have pleasure in We are glad to

Words or phrases to avoid

Often you can remove the following words of phrases without affecting your meaning.

  • Absolutely
  • Actually
  • At this moment in time
  • Basically
  • Currently
  • During the period from
  • In due course to
  • In view of the fact
  • I wish to (only fairies grant wishes!)
  • (I would like to) take this opportunity
  • Obviously
  • Quite
  • Really
  • Should (reword as a positive message)
  • That
  • The month of
  • To the extent that
  • Until such time
  • Very
  • Platform

Many words and phrases are vague and unclear

Take care with:

  • Agenda (unless it’s for a meeting)
  • Counter (unless it’s the front counter)
  • Drive (except in relation to transport)
  • Framework
  • Overarching
  • Platform (unless it’s a physical platform)
  • Progress (unless you are using it as a noun)
  • Promote
  • Streamline

January 2019