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Communication and Health Literacy

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“Spot On” is an initiative of the health literacy network. It’s about finding, acknowledging and sharing what people and services are doing (big or small) to make it easier for people to find, understand and use information and services.

If you think someone has hit the spot, and would like to put them or their service in the spotlight, then let us know what you’ve spotted and we’ll let them know they’re spot on!

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Spot-on recipients

Jen Wehnert

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

Huon Regional Care

Jen took on the HeLLOTas project to make Huon Regional Care a Health Literate Organisation.  She involved staff, consumers and the local community to incorporate health literacy into a marketing promotion and re-branding for the centre.

These learnings were incorporated into practice, such as

  • new sign-in process and assurance of a consistent friendly reception,
  • new signage,
  • more appropriate furniture,
  • water availability and
  • improved information materials
Jen Wehnert

Oral Health Services Tasmania

Oral Health Services Tasmania were spotted for developing the ‘Lift the Lip for Parents’ Poster.  It uses plain language, quality images, has a friendly layout, is fit for purpose and was co-designed with consumers.

Poster made by Oral Health 

Starting Point Neighbourhood House


  • Initiating Health Literacy workshops and training
  • Co-developing It’s OK to Ask resources
  • Participating in evaluations and planning
  • Running programs for consumers