The 26TEN health literacy supporters network

Communication and Health Literacy

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Health literacy is important for improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities. The issues are complex so we are taking a long-term coordinated approach that involves the whole community. 26TEN, Tasmania’s campaign for adult literacy, is the banner under which we can all pull together to make a difference.

Together we:

  • recognise that literacy and numeracy are foundational skills that can support health literacy;
  • know the issues that affect our health are complex and the contributing factors are many so we have to take a long-term coordinated approach that involves the whole community;
  • appreciate how 26TEN connects and links across our communities (health, education, business);
  • can work together to raise awareness of literacy and health literacy issues;
  • will be able to provide concrete tools to people and service providers to respond to identified needs;
  • share the same goal to achieve clear communication;
  • are aware of the positive ripple effect that happens when one person or service provider improves their literacy and health literacy and how this spreads across families, community and workplaces – so together, we have a great opportunity to make a real difference to the health of all Tasmanians.

By forming the 26TEN health literacy supporters network, people with an interest in literacy and health literacy will:

  • raise public awareness
  • engage people in health literacy and literacy activities
  • advocate for the implementation of health literacy principles and practices within the health care system
  • foster links between supporters that facilitate collaboration.
Currently seeking Expressions of Interest for Consumer Representatives to join the Health Literacy Network working group.

For more information go to Expression of Interest

Where to find out more

For more information visit the Department of Health and Humans Services health literacy website or email

Literacy and numeracy are the foundation of good health literacy. If you have any queries about adult literacy in Tasmania contact 26TEN at or visit the 26ten website