How do I know if our program has been a success?

How do I know if our program has been a success?

The best way to find out if your program has been a success is to look at the impact of any changes you have made to your worksite. It’s a good idea to work out how you are going to do this early on, so you can ask the right questions and collect the right information.

It is essential to collect some information before you start your program, for example:

  • What percentage of employees currently smoke?
  • How many cigarettes do they smoke?
  • Do they smoke at home, work or both?
  • Are your employees motivated to quit smoking?

Template 1: Employee survey


This data will only be useful if it matches your program and its objectives. For example, if the majority of your employees smoke at home and not at work, then it may be a higher priority to focus on smoking cessation, rather than implementing a smoke-free worksite policy.

The baseline data you collect will be essential when you come to evaluate your program, as you can ask the same questions and see whether the figures are different. Then you will be able to identify if your program has been effective, or whether you need to change your program to provide better support to your employees.

How you collect this information will differ depending on your organisation’s size and regional spread. There is a range of data collection methods that you could try, such as surveys, interviews and discussion groups.


Fact sheet 5: A simple guide to evaluation