Talk Soon. Talk Often.

Talk Soon. Talk Often.

How and when do you start talking with children about sex, growing up and relationships?

It's never too early for parents to start talking with their children about sexual matters. Parents and family members are one of the main sources of information about relationships and sex for young people.

Children whose parents easily communicate with their children about sexuality, and who receive good relationships and sexuality education at school, are more likely to delay their first experience of sexual intercourse and sexual relationships. They are also less likely to have an unplanned pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection.

Good communication between parents and children needs two-way discussion rather than lectures or 'one big talk'.

Talk soon. Talk often. is a new book available free to help Tasmanian parents talk with their children about growing up, with information appropriate for each developmental stage. It was developed by the Government of Western Australia (Department of Health) and adapted for Tasmanian use with permission.

Talk Soon. Talk Often

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