Termination of Pregnancy (ending a pregnancy)

Termination of Pregnancy (ending a pregnancy)

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The decision to end your pregnancy is your decision, based on your needs and circumstances.

When making your decision, you may like to talk with someone – family, friends, a counsellor or a doctor.

If you are not sure how long you have been pregnant, see a doctor. It’s best to do this as soon as you can. The sooner you see a doctor, the more options you’ll have.

The following organisations offer free information, advice and counselling about the full range of pregnancy options. They are called ‘Prescribed Health Services’ under the law covering terminations.

Prescribed Health Services

OrganisationService details

Family Planning Tasmania

South: 421 Main Rd, Glenorchy: 6273 9117

North: 269 Wellington St, Launceston: 6343 4566

North-West: 199 Mount St, Upper Burnie: 6431 7692

Women’s Health Tasmania

25 Lefroy St, North Hobart: 6231 3212

Women’s Health Information Line: 1800 675 028

The Link Youth Health Service

(for people under 26 years of age)

57 Liverpool St, Hobart : 6231 2927

Pulse Youth Health South

(for people under 25 years of age)

404 Main Rd, Glenorchy: 6166 1421

Termination options

You can end your pregnancy through medical termination (taking special medication) or surgery (an operation). Your doctor or prescribed health service can advise which option is best for you.

Medical termination of pregnancy

Medical termination of pregnancy (taking medication to end your pregnancy) is available for people up to nine weeks (63 days) pregnant. Your doctor may be able to provide this service, and it is also available through:

Surgical termination of pregnancy

A surgical termination of pregnancy is usually performed in the first trimester (up to 12–14 weeks pregnant). It’s done as a day surgery procedure in a clinic and you get to go home after a few hours.

Surgical termination of pregnancy is accessible through the Royal Hobart Hospital, Launceston General Hospital, and a North West hospital. Vulnerable women will be prioritised.

Talk to your doctor or prescribed health service for more information.

What if my doctor doesn’t agree with ending my pregnancy?

Some doctors have a conscientious objection to terminations of pregnancy (they disagree with the procedure).

Doctors who have a conscientious objection do not have to give you information about getting a termination (or help you get a termination), but they must offer you the list of prescribed health services (the organisations that offer information, advice and counselling). Your doctor must offer you this list as soon as they know you want to end your pregnancy or want information about your options.

What if I am harassed by people outside the health service?

It is illegal for anyone to harass or intimidate a person about pregnancy options within 150 metres of a health service where terminations are provided (pregnancies are ended). This area is called the ‘access zone’.

It is also illegal for anyone to protest against pregnancy terminations within the access zone.

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