Tasmanian Population Health Survey 2013

Tasmanian Population Health Survey 2013

The survey

The Tasmanian Population Health Survey 2013 is an important phone survey of over 6000 Tasmanian adults and follows on from the same survey in 2009.

It took place in November and December 2013 and collected information on a broad range of health and health-related issues affecting Tasmanian adults.

A shorter Key Findings document is also available.

Why we need this survey

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) uses this information to improve health services and disease prevention programs, and ensure population health programs are relevant and responsive to existing and emerging health issues.

As this survey follows on from the 2009 Tasmanian Population Health Survey, DHHS will use the results to assess the overall change in health and health behaviours in Tasmania.

Who pays?

The Australian Government fully funded the survey as part of the National Partnership Agreement on Preventative Health.

This partnership requires all states and territories to address chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer by reducing lifestyle factors like unhealthy eating, lack of physical activity, smoking and obesity.

Who conducted the survey?

DHHS conducted a competitive tendering process that attracted the interest of several interstate and local social research and marketing companies.

DHHS commissioned the Social Research Centre to undertake the survey.

The Social Research Centre follows strict privacy laws when conducting phone interviews and all information is treated in the strictest confidence. For further information, please refer to SRC's privacy policy.

How is the information used?

Names and other identifying information were removed and the personal details of respondents will never be passed onto any other government department. The survey responses were analysed and reported in aggregate form only, typically at the state and health regional level. Download the analysed results from the 2009 Tasmanian Population Health Survey.

How were the phone numbers obtained?

Survey respondents were selected randomly, with their phone number chosen at random from all possible numbers in their area. The numbers were computer-generated (not sourced from any list) and were included whether or not they appeared in a directory.

Randomly selected Tasmanians were sent an invitation from DHHS to participate in this survey before being contacted by the Social Research Centre.

For the survey to properly represent all adult Tasmanians, we needed to include people with silent or unlisted numbers.

Was the survey compulsory?

No. Participation in the survey was entirely voluntary, and selected participants were be pressured to take part.

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