Selling Tobacco

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Selling Tobacco

Tasmania has strict controls on the sale of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and personal vaporiser products (also known as smoking products).  Anybody selling smoking products must have a Licence or be an employee of someone who holds one.

A Licence is required for every premise that sells these products.  A Licence to sell smoking products in Tasmania has an annual fee and must be renewed annually.  You will be sent a reminder to renew your Licence before it expires.

Over 18? Check for 18 plus I.D. when selling smokes or risk a $20,000 fine.

Responsible service of tobacco  >

To ensure you and your staff are familiar with the basics of selling tobacco complete the Responsible Service of Tobacco online course.

Apply for a licence  >

If you want to apply for a licence to sell smoking products, please contact tobacco control on (03) 6166 6665 or

An online renewal and application or a licence to sell smoking products will be available from 1 August 2020.

Retailers guides  >

For everything you need to know about restrictions on the display and sale of smoking products in Tasmania, download the

Tobacco selling laws  >

It is important all retailers of smoking products familiarise themselves with our tobacco control and personal vaporiser laws under the Public Health Act 1997 and the Guidelines for the Sale of Smoking Products 2017 as there are penalties for breaches.