Smoking in Pregnancy - Fact or Fiction

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Smoking in Pregnancy - Fact or Fiction

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This is what Tasmanian women told us

I’m already pregnant so there’s no point stopping now

It’s never too late to quit. Quitting at any time will give your baby a better chance of being healthier. It will also reduce the chance of you having pregnancy problems.

A small baby means a quicker and easier delivery

Having a small baby does not make birth quicker or easier. Small babies often don’t cope well with the stress of labour and are more likely to have health problems at birth. A strong and healthy baby means a safer birth for you and the baby.

Doctors are just trying to scare me

Even if your baby is born a healthy weight, they are still more likely to have problems with feeding, settling and breathing. They are at much higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and health problems later in life.

Cutting down is safer than quitting

Cutting down is a good start, but it does not stop the poisons getting through to your baby. There is no safe level of smoking for you or your baby.

Quitting is dangerous for my baby

Giving up smoking does not stress an unborn baby but continuing to smoke does. It increases the chances of problems for your pregnancy and baby.

Quitting is hard

Most people have to try a few times before they get there, but with help and support you can do it.

Thinking about quitting?

Here's where to go for help:

  • Talk to your midwife, doctor or health worker
  • SMS 0408 264 664 Text PREGNANT with your name and address for a FREE quit pack
  • App Download (Quit for you Quit for Two) for FREE from iTunes or Google Play online stores
  • Call 13 QUIT (13 7848) Speak to a friendly advisor (FREE service)
  • Public Hospital Patient. Ask for a REFERRAL to the hospital Smoking Cessation Clinic
  • Website

People become smoke free every day in Tasmania…

You can do it too!

The Smoke Free Pregnancy Working Group is a collaboration of stakeholders who want to provide a smoke free start for every Tasmanian baby.