Social Work Department

Southern Tasmania Area Health ServicesTasmanian Health Service - Southern Region

Social Work Department

Social Workers work with individuals, families and community groups and they can assist you and your family in a variety of ways:

  • Psycho-social assessment: evaluation and review of presenting problems and circumstances
  • Counselling: alleviation of psycho-social problems, including personal and relationship difficulties
  • Crisis intervention: assistance in coping in crisis situations
  • Bereavement intervention: assistance in coping in situations of terminal illness, unexpected acquired disability or bereavement
  • Education and information: provision of information regarding health issues, human development, interpersonal and social skills and coping strategies
  • Discharge planning: collaboration with other health professionals to facilitate care coordination and continuity of care
  • Service coordination: arrangement, facilitation and coordination of a range of services necessary to meet identified client needs
  • Liaison: exchange of information with other service providers for the purpose of facilitating client service delivery
  • Referral: assistance to access an agency, resource or professional known to be able to provide a needed service(s)
  • Advocacy: direct representation or defence of the client's interest to ensure that the client's rights or entitlements are maintained

Social Workers can be contacted on

Phone:             (03) 6166 8354
Fax:                 (03) 6173 0455