Caring for your Burn Wound using Retention Dressing

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Caring for your Burn Wound using Retention Dressing

Tasmanian Burns Unit - Patient Information Brochure

  • Wash over the dressings with water twice a day.
  • It is OK to shower normally and to wet the dressing.


  • Dry thoroughly, using a towel to pat dry.
  • Avoid activities that may cause injury to the wound and lead to bleeding or infection, e.g. gardening, swimming, or mechanical repairs.
  • If the wound becomes red and hot with an increase in pain or swelling beneath the dressing, or if blisters form, return to the Burns Unit for review by the nurse.

Removal of your Retention Dressing

Please remove your dressing as instructed on:


  • Coat the dressing in oil (olive, baby or vegetable), making sure the dressing is well soaked.
  • Wrap the dressing in glad-wrap and a bandage if necessary to prevent oil from staining your clothing or bed linen. Cover with an old T-shirt or sock.
  • Leave glad-wrap in place for a minimum of four hours. This can be overnight.
  • Wash carefully in the shower or bath to remove the dressing.


  • Spray retention dressing with De-Solv-It (available from hardware stores) and leave for 1 minute. Remove dressing. Wash area thoroughly to remove all adhesive.
  • Do not use if allergic to citrus fruit/oil
  • If the area remains raw and/or unhealed ensure that you have another appointment in the burns clinic.
  • If the area is healed apply a moisturiser (such as sorbolene cream) 3-4 times a day. Protect area from friction and sunlight.

If you have any problems or queries regarding your burn, please do not hesitate to telephone the Burns Unit on (03) 6166 8566 and speak to the nurse.


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Burns Outpatient Clinic
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Tasmanian Burns Unit
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Fax:  6234 9636

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