Oral and Facial Contractures

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Oral and Facial Contractures following Burn Injury

Tasmanian Burns Unit - Patient Information Brochure

A therapy pamphlet for patients and their carers.

Following a severe burn injury to the mouth and/or face, it is possible that scarring and contractures may occur. This pamphlet describes exercises to minimise contracture development for the mouth and face.  Your speech pathologist will indicate which exercises you need to practice.

These exercises should be practised _____ times daily, with _____ repetitions per exercise. 

Demonstration of opening mouth widely exercise  Demonstrating of smiling exercise  Demonstration of pursed lips exercise  Demonstration of puffing cheeks exercise. 

Open your mouth as wide as possible.

Smile as broadly as possible.

Purse your lips as if to whistle.

Puff up your cheeks.

Demonstration of running tip of tongue around inside of mouth exerciseDemonstration lips over teeth exerciseDemonstration of closing eyes exercise
Run the tip of your tongue around the inside of your lips pushing outward.

Pull your lips over teeth.

Close your eyes tightly.
Demonstration of raised eyebrows exerciseDemonstration of frowning exerciseDemonstration of wrinkle nose exercise
Raise your eyebrows & open eyes wide.


 Wrinkle your nose.

Pamphlet adapted from Nicola Clayton and the Speech Pathologists in Burns Australia Network

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