Scar Management Silicone Gel Sheet

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Scar Management Silicone Gel Sheet

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Silicone Gel

Silicone gel is used to help soften scars and should only be used on well -healed burns or grafts.Occasionally mild skin reactions such as rashes do occur with use .


If a skin reaction does occur , stop using the silicone gel and contact your occupational therapist or physiotherapist as soon as possible . A modified wearing regime can be formed once the skin reaction has settled .

Moisturiser should not be applied to the scar prior to the use of gel.It creates a layer between your skin and the silicone, reducing the effect. Moisturiser can be applied after the gel is removed.

Do not wear gel in the shower or when swimming and keep gel away from heat.

Caring for your silicone gel sheet

Wash daily in a mild non-oily soap solution and rinse in clean warm water .

Air dry and reapply to the clean dry scar area.

Avoid using paper products for drying as it may stick to the silicone. Between use, store silicone in a plastic bag /container with plastic backing sheet.

When should it be worn?

There are a number of silicone products available. Your therapist will discuss with you the most appropriate product for your scar .


Day 1

1.Remove plastic backing from gel and apply directly to the skin .

2.Leave on for _ hours.

3.Remove from skin, wash and when dry , replace plastic backing and place in plastic bag or a container .

Day 2

As above. Leave on for _ hours.

Day 3

As above. Leave on for _ hours.

Day 4

As above. Leave on for _ hours.

Day 5

As above .Leave on for _ _ hours .

Day 6

Leave on for a minimum of ___ hours.  Continue using the silicone for ___ hours a day until advised by your therapist.

How often should it by changed?

Use until the gel becomes tacky and frayed around the edges .This usually occurs at approximately 4-6 weeks .


Mepiform should optimally be worn 24 hours a day .It is recommended that Mepiform is removed once a day,e.g. when showering. Use this time to check and wash the skin . It should be changed after 7 days or if not sticking to the skin.