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Criteria for Specialised Burns Treatment

Please contact the Burns/Plastics Registrar on call.

  • Burns >10% of total body surface (TBSA) in an adult
  • Burns >5% of total body surface (TBSA) in a child
  • Burns of special areas – face, hands, neck, feet, genitalia, perineum, and major joints
  • Full-thickness burns
  • Electrical burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Burns within an associated inhalation injury
  • Circumferential burns of the limbs or chest
  • Burns in the very young or very old or in pregnancy
  • Burns in people with pre-existing medical disorders that could complicate management, prolonged recovery, or increased mortality
  • Burns with associated trauma
  • Clinical signs of infection
  • Suspected non-accidental injury

Burns that heal in >2-3 weeks or that receive a skin graft should be referred to the Burns Review Clinic or the TeleBurns Clinic at the RHH Burns Unit one month post healing/grafting for review by the Burns Team.

Contact the Burns Service (Tasmanian)

To make a Burns Outpatient appointment, Level 12, Wellington Clinics, RHH, please contact:

Business Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Burns Outpatients, Level 12, Wellington Clinics

  • Telephone:  (03) 6166 0098
  • Fax:  (03) 6234 9636

Wednesdays, Weekends, Public Holidays and after hours

Ward 5A, RHH

  • Telephone:  (03) 6166 8566 (this service is available 24hrs/day for advice)
  • Facsimile:  (03) 6234 9636 (Burns Outpatients Wellington Clinics)

A referral letter must be faxed with all referrals to:
Level 12, Wellington Clinics: 6234 9636

Although not all patients in these categories will require transfer to the RHH Burns Unit, advice must be sought by the RHH Burns/Plastics Registrar. Phone RHH: (03) 6166 8308

For additional advice/support, please contact the Burns unit on (03) 6166 8566, or contact the Burns CNC: