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Centre User Guide

Users Guide to the Cancer Support Centre

There are some basic responsibilities that are expected to be followed:

  1. That as the coordinator of your group, that you ensure that attendees are aware of the fire exits and what to do in case of evacuation.  You are responsible for your group and their safety. Any concerns please let us know prior to the event.
  2. Please familiarise yourself with the emergency numbers in case of fire, medical emergency or other relevant emergency situations.
  3. That you have notified us on any equipment requirements. You will need to set these up and familiarise yourself with these prior to your session starting.
  4. Please ensure that the room is locked when you leave and the key is returned to switch RHH if you are using the centre after 2:00pm on a weekday or any hours on weekends and public holidays.
  5. The facility is clean and tidy, and furniture has been put back as you found it, for the next person to use.
IssueAnswerWho to Contact

Who can use the Centre?

The Cancer Support Centre can be used for groups and individuals conducting cancer related activities or for patients and families to use whilst they are attending the hospital for their treatment.

Groups phone or email to book the Centre. Patients and families are encouraged to drop in and use the Centre whilst they are waiting for their treatments or would like a space to sit and have a cup of tea or coffee.


How do I book the Cancer Support Centre?

Phone or email.

A booking system is utilised for the centre.

Please ensure that you have completed the registration details and forwarded these to our contact people.

Confirmation will be forwarded to you with relevant details about fire and emergency procedures. If you are an external provider, insurance and indemnity information must be forwarded with your application for approval.

Phone: 6166 8354 or email cancersupportcentre@ths.tas.gov.au

Where do I get the keys?

Front Reception, Liverpool Street.


Can I use the dishwasher?

This is a food safety requirement and must be utilised for cleaning of all utensils

Please ask one of the volunteers to assist you if you need to know how to operate the machine.

If your session is out of hours, this can be shown to you prior to your booking.

Can I use the refrigerator?


Can I bring food into the centre?

Yes, as long as it has been prepared in accordance with food safety requirements if this food is to be served to your attendees.

Please ask if you are unsure of these requirements.

Is the internet available?

Yes, the intranet/internet is connected to our computers if you have a DHHS login and you are an employee.

No, if you are an external provider or non DHHS employee you cannot access the internet on a laptop/computer that is present in the centre. You can bring you own computer / tablet if you have an external connector or phone internet device

If you need assistance please contact us prior to your booking.


There are cups, saucers and plates and cutlery in the kitchen.


Supplies – milk, tea, coffee etc.

Supplies are put in the centre as needed.


How many people can I have in the centre?

30 is the recommended maximum.

Please ask us for more information if this is required.

What about the balcony?

This is not available at the moment due to redevelopment construction works.


Audio Visual materials

Where audio visual equipment is supplied please ensure that the operator is competent in the use of the equipment. Please let us know that you require these when you book as these resources are limited in the centre. The centre is staffed by volunteers so they are unable to assist you in this area.


Role of the volunteers

The hospital and hospice volunteers are present from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

It is the role and responsibility of the RHH volunteers placed within the Centre to provide consumer social support and general Centre upkeep, primarily by welcoming consumers and offering refreshments, ensuring the Centre’s stock is replenished and the Centre is clean and tidy on a daily basis.

The RHH volunteer also helps support groups to set up for their sessions and other various general duties as required, such as tea and coffee making at individual sessions held within the Centre.

Hospice volunteers are trained palliative care volunteers who are able to provide skilled listening and appropriate emotional support to the participants, as required. Hospice volunteers also provide support to clinical areas of the hospital on an ‘as needs basis. Both RHH and Hospice volunteers are happy to support booked activities when they are available to do so.

Please contact us prior to the event if assistance is required.

Room hiring

The room and kitchen/amenities must be left in a clean, tidy and secure condition. All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.

All furniture needs to be returned at the end of the session to the way that the centre was found. Please be conscious that other groups may need to use the room after you. The room is for multi-purpose use so it may at times be subject to noise from other sessions and people dropping into the centre.

Public Address SystemThe PA cannot be turned down.

Advisory Committee

Last updated: 24 May 2017