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About us

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Eastern Shore Leg Club

What is a Leg Club?

Leg Clubs provide community based wound management and treatment, health education and ongoing support for people of all ages. There is an emphasis on social interaction, participation, empathy, peer support. This setting has proven to impact positively on healing, and recurrence rates and helps isolated people reintegrate into their communities.

Community Nurses with an interest in and knowledge of wound management provide a high standard of care.

The Leg Club works in conjunction with community nurses, GP's, practice nurses and the Royal Hobart Hospital wound clinic.

Our Philosophy

The main objective of the Leg Club is to protect and preserve health amongst those experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, leg ulcers and/or associated conditions.

How is it different from a clinic?

Leg Clubs have four key features that are different from conventional ulcer clinics.

  • They are community-based.
  • Members are treated collectively.
  • They operate on a drop-in basis.
  • They incorporate a fully-integrated ‘well leg' regime.

What do we offer?

  • No appointments
  • Flexible drop-in club on Thursdays I0am to 2pm
  • Wound management in a group setting
  • Early diagnosis, treatment and education
  • Friendly, social environment
  • Wound healing information and advice
  • Wound prevention advice
  • Post-healing monitoring and 'well-leg’ checks to reduce wound recurrence
  • Compression stocking advice and sizing
  • Regular education sessions for members
  • Community Transport booking
  • Morning tea provided by CICC Auxiliary

What do we offer?


Drop-in information service free
Leg Assessments / checks free
Dressing changes HACC Fees

HACC fees - $5 for pensioners or $20 for non-pensioners.

Most dressings are provided by the club, others you may be asked to purchase.

Benefits include:

  • Early intervention leads to quicker healing
  • Members are involved in their own treatment
  • Informal support group to meet with others with similar issues
  • Build up self-esteem and confidence
  • Members welcome to drop-in for a chat
  • Life membership for all
  • No referral is necessary.

How did Leg Clubs Begin?

In 1995, Ellie Lindsay, a district nurse in Suffolk, England, became aware of evidence that social factors and isolation could significantly affect leg ulcer patients' response to treatment.

This led Ellie to introduce the concept of community-based leg ulcer care, which has grown into a huge network of leg ulcer clinics throughout UK and Australia. These clinics are known as Leg Clubs.

The Leg Club began as a partnership, between the district nursing team and the local community. Patients are encouraged to gain an understanding of, and become involved in, their treatment.

Where is the Leg Club?

The Leg Club meets at the Clarence Integrated Care Centre 16-22 Bayfield Street, Rosny Park.

When are Leg Clubs held?

The Leg Club is held every Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Eastern Shore Community Nursing at the Clarence Integrated Care Centre telephone: 6282 0350