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NDIS and orthotic, prosthetic and custom seating and wheelchair services

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) assists people with disability to achieve their goals, realise their full potential, participate and contribute to society, and exercise choice and control over their lives.

One of the ways the NDIS assists people with disability is with an NDIS Plan that funds supports to help them achieve their goals.

From January 2019, all eligible people under 65 years will be able to apply for an NDIS Plan.

If you have any queries, including how to test your eligibility for an NDIS Plan, contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) on 1800 800 110 or go to: NDIS - Access to the NDIS - Access criteria

As part of the roll-out of the NDIS, there have been changes to the funding base of some services provided by the Tasmanian Health Service. These include orthotic, prosthetic and custom seating & wheelchair services provided by Orthotic Prosthetic Services Tasmania (OPST). Please see below for more information.

If you are eligible for an NDIS Plan

If you are eligible for an NDIS Plan, you will have an NDIS Planning Meeting where you will talk with an NDIS Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Planner about the sort of supports you need and how they can be included in your NDIS Plan.

It is important that all future equipment and consumables are included in your NDIS Plan, including any associated required clinical services (such as received from an orthotist/prosthetist or a seating specialist).

Your NDIS Plan may also need to include funds for:

  • Assessments - required prior to the services and equipment being quoted for by OPST or another provider.

On average, funding for 10 hours of clinical time is recommended to be included in an NDIS Plan, so that required orthotic, prosthetic or custom seating and wheelchair services may be assessed for and an accurate quote provided.

  • Reviews, repairs and maintenance – funding will also be required for any of the orthotic, prosthetic or custom seating and wheelchair equipment that you are using. This applies to all equipment even if it was originally provided and funded by OPST.

When asked what you can do for yourself, the NDIS planner may be referring to what you can do without the use of assistive technology. It is important to explain what the orthosis, prosthesis or wheelchair allows you to do, that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do without it.

If you are an NDIS Participant and have an approved NDIS Plan

Check your NDIS plan

If you have an approved NDIS plan, it is important to check that it includes all supports you require, including assessments, reviews, repairs and maintenance.

When checking your NDIS Plan, please note that equipment, including orthotics, prosthetics and custom seating and wheelchairs, are known as “assistive technology” (AT) under the NDIS.

Choose your provider

If you have an NDIS Plan, you can choose which provider that you want to have deliver your services. You can find a provider by going to the NDIS website: NDIS - Find a registered provider

As per this provider list, Orthotic Prosthetic Services Tasmania (OPST) is part of the Department of Health.

For assistance in finding a provider, contact your support coordinator if you have one funded in your NDIS Plan, the NDIA or an NDIA Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Planner.

You can choose OPST as your provider. Please be aware that:

  • due to demand, OPST may not be able to provide a timeframe for when your assessment will occur and when a prosthesis, orthosis or wheelchair can be provided.
  • if you want a third party (family, carer or friend) to talk or correspond with OPST about your personal information, you will need to submit a Consent to Share Personal Information Form. If you wish to apply to access your written personal information held by the Tasmanian Health Service, please complete an Application for Assessed Disclosure Form.

For more information about choosing OPST as a service provider, please see the Fact Sheet - Orthotic Prosthetic Services Tasmania (OPST) and your NDIS Plan.

If you are eligible but do not have an NDIS Plan

In the near future, anyone who is eligible for the NDIS, but doesn’t yet have an approved NDIS Plan, and hasn’t previously accessed OPST, will need to contact the NDIA directly to ask about their NDIS access and the planning process.

At present, OPST will continue to provide outpatient orthotic and prosthetic services in situations classified as emergencies and where NDIS funds are not accessible to fund urgently required clinical interventions.

If you require OPST services and equipment for hospital discharge and health-related problems

People requiring OPST services and equipment for hospital discharge and health-related problems will still have access to OPST services and equipment.  Health-related OPST services and responsibilities will apply in these situations.

Note: Equipment fees may apply.

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If you have an NDIS Plan and have any questions about the supports included in your plan, please contact your support coordinator if you have one funded in your NDIS Plan, an NDIA Local Area Coordinator, or the NDIA on 1800 800 110.

March 2019