Community Options Service

Community Options offers a service for the frail aged, younger people with disabilities, and their carers with complex and/or high service needs, who require a Case Manager to assist them to access and/or co-ordinate the care that they need.

The role of the Community Options Case Manager is to work together with clients by assessing, facilitating, planning and advocating for care needs on an individual basis.

The Case Manager provides an on-going single point of contact for the client, service providers and health professionals. Care plans are monitored and changing care needs discussed so that services can be increased, decreased, altered or withdrawn to suit the client.

Community Options Brochure

How to contact us or make a booking

For more information about services offered by Community Options Services contact the office in your region:

North West
48 Water Street, Ulverstone
Phone: (03) 6429 8400

Level 3, Marine Board Building, 1 Franklin Wharf,  Hobart
Phone: (03) 6166 7274

Service Eligibility

The Community Options Service is for the frail aged, younger people with disabilities, and their carers. For a person to become a client of Community Options they must be assessed by a Case Manager as having high and / or complex care needs that would benefit from a co-ordinated approach to service delivery.

Cost Information

There is no cost for the Case Management service that we provide. There are fees however, for all 'mainstream' Home and Community Care funded services - the "Home and Community Care (HACC) Service Fee". Clients will continue to pay this fee to the nominated service provider.

Clients will not be denied a service they need because they cannot afford to pay.

Administrative Phone Number

Please contact the Community Options Service in your area.