Physiotherapy in Your Community - South

What is Community Outreach Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy specialises in human movement aiming to optimise physical function.  Community Physiotherapy aims to improve quality of life and independence for eligible people within the community by:

  • providing treatment as part of a health team
  • assisting people with disabilities to be as independent as possible
  • promoting good health and lifestyle habits

What services are provided?

Conditions treated include:
  • strains, sprains, osteoarthritis, fractures
  • post -surgical and acute hospital admission
  • neck/back and other joint problems
  • mild strokes and neurological conditions
  • falls/balance problems
  • walking aid prescription
  • respiratory conditions
  • ante and post-natal care


Currently, this is a free service under State and limited Commonwealth funding. Charges may be introduced with future policy change.

Who is Eligible?

People of all ages in the community.

Those with Private Health Insurance, current compensation claims, Department of Veterans Affairs cover or access to the Chronic Conditions Management Program should access private services where available

How to access the service?

We accept; referral from health professionals or direct patient contact to their local Health Centre.

Where are services provided?

Outpatient Treatment in local Community Health Centres.

Home Visits are available when appropriate.

In-Patient Treatment in rural hospital beds

Wating Times:

Service waiting times will vary from centre to centre. Please discuss this when arranging your appointment.  Attending another centre may enable you to be seen earlier if appropriate.


Equipment may be recommended as part of your treatment program. Any loan or purchase costs will be discussed


Physiotherapists in local Community Health Centres may provide:

  • strengthening classes
  • gentle exercise classes
  • falls prevention/balance classes
  • fitball classes
  • Tai Chi classes
  • pre and post-natal exercise classes
  • exercise in water classes

Our physiotherapists are also happy to talk to school and community groups and other service providers to promote healthy lifestyles.

Aquatic Physiotherapy (Hydrotherapy)

Physiotherapists can assess and refer clients to an Aquatic Physiotherapy pool for group or individual sessions as part of their treatment.

Your local physiotherapists are at:

Location Phone Fax

Brighton Community Health Centre

(03) 6166 1376

(03) 6268 4260

Central Hobart RHH Physio Dept

(03) 6166 8634(03) 6222 7524

Clarence Integrated Care Centre (ICC)

(03) 6282 0300

(03) 6282 0348

Cygnet Community Health Centre

(03) 6295 1235

(03) 6295 0201

Dover - Esperance Multi Purpose Health Centre
Contact via Huonville below


Glenorchy Community Health Centre

(03) 6166 1615

(03) 6233 0340

Huonville - Huon Community Health Centre

(03) 6121 7050

(03) 6264 2347

Kingston Community Health Centre

(03) 6166 1480

(03) 6211 8539

New Norfolk District Hospital

(03) 6166 1307

(03) 6173 2819

Oatlands - Midlands Multi Purpose Centre

(03) 6254 0540

(03) 6254 5038        

Ouse - Central Highlands Community Health Centre
Contact via New Norfolk above


Sorell Community Health Centre

(03) 6166 1400

(03) 6265 6619

Swansea / Triabunna - Spring Bay Health Centre

(03) 6123 4020

(03) 6123 4095

Continence Services: Royal Hobart Hospital Physiotherapy:

(03) 6166 8634(03) 6222 7524

Community Continence Service:

(03) 6282 0760(03) 6282 0762

More Information

For more information:

Contact your local Centre or Community Physiotherapy Repatriation Centre
90 Davey Street
Hobart TAS 7000
Ph: 6166 7279 
Fax: 6222 7229

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