Get Active Program

The Get Active Program (GAP) is a statewide initiative that aims to enhance the health and wellbeing of men and women through involvement in physical activity, and to encourage healthy eating habits.  Participants take part in a 10 week series of 2 hour workshops, the first hour of which covers such issues as motivation, stress management, self esteem and goal setting, and the second hour is spent on fun physical activities which the group itself chooses.

The GAP specifically seeks to engage people of all ages who are not currently physically active, and who may have experienced barriers to physical activity such as lack of confidence and motivation, negative body image, concerns about personal safety and who may lack knowledge about the benefits of healthy eating. Groups are usually male or female specific, but can be mixed if appropriate.

How to contact us or make a booking

Phone 6391 8237 or 0428 390 089

Cost Information

Usually below $6.00 per session

Administrative Phone Number

Phone 6391 8237 or 0428 390 089