Heating Allowance

What is the Heating Allowance?

The Heating Allowance is a payment of $28.00 which is paid twice a year (in May and again in September) to eligible pensioners to assist with their heating costs.

Eligibility is means tested and successful applicants do not need to re-apply each year for the Allowance.

For any Heating Allowance enquiries please call 1800 300 068.

To lodge an Application Form please download the Heating Allowance application form and send in your completed form to:

Heating Allowance Applications
Grants Unit
Department of Health and Human Services
GPO Box 125

Administrative Phone Number

Phone: 1800 300 068

More Information

Who is eligible for the Heating Allowance?
You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the allowance:

You must be in receipt of one of the following pensions provided by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans' Affairs, at the full rate.

  • Aged Pension
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Sole Parent Pension
  • Carer Pension
  • Service Pension
  • Wife Pension
  • Widows Pension (Class B)

If you receive a part Australian and part overseas pension then you are not eligible to apply.

  • A single pensioner must not have cash assets which exceed $1,750. Married/de-facto pensioners must not have more than $2,750.
  • A single pensioner must not earn more than $10.00 a week in excess of the pension. Married pensioner couples must not earn more than $20.00 a week. An extra $12.00 per week is allowed for each dependent child.
  • Persons receiving Newstart, Mature Age Allowance, Widows Allowance and those receiving Austudy or Abstudy are not eligible. Persons receiving a pension whose partner is on a Parenting/Partner Allowance or a Carer Payment will be assessed.
  • Carers Allowance – Mobility Allowance are not taken into account as extra income above the pension
  • You must not have anyone living with you who is already receiving the Heating Allowance. Only one person per household can apply.
  • You must not have anyone living with you (this includes a spouse, boarder or a child over 16 years) who is not in receipt of one of the above pensions.
  • You must be responsible for paying your own heating and electricity costs.
  • A boarder in a boarding room/house must pay a specific amount for electricity which is over and above their rent.